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Good news, I’m going to start selling prints of my latest work/notable sketchbook pieces for $10 USD and I’m open for portrait commissions:


Each 8.5” x 11” print will be custom made and printed on fine archival canvas for you to cherish in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever for years to come. They will all be signed by yours truly and include a cute, little complementary sketch! And I’ll have it shipped out to you within 3-5 business days. 

Order your print(s) now at my Etsy shop, Moonflowergel!


Dimensions       Price 

5” x 7”             $20 USD 

8” x 10”            $30 USD

9” x 12”            $35 USD

Note: Shipping cost not included. Estimated shipping cost is $5.95 USD for all shipments within the US and all shipments everywhere else will have to be paid exactly. 

Each drawing will be rendered in graphite pencil and you have the option of including some color. 

Please contact me via email to order your portrait!


All payments will be received through Paypal (be sure to make your payment out to moonflowergel@gmail.com). For the portrait commissions, payment will be piecemeal. Half will be paid as soon as preliminary sketches are approved by you and the final half of payment (and shipping costs) will be made when the portrait is complete. All commissions and prints will be shipped in padded envelopes reinforced with cardboard.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to finish your portrait. If you would like a conversation piece (i.e. a group portrait), a drawing with larger dimensions, would like to add a frame to your purchase, or whatever your concern, please email me or message me on tumblr. 

~*I’m only accepting FOUR commissions and I’ll only be accepting commissions until July 25, so get it while it’s hot*~

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

F.M. Grant


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Greeting card for my Li’lMomma!

Greeting card for my Li’lMomma!

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Let’s hear it for “made-at-the-last-minute” Mother’s Day cards, folks!

*Happy Mother’s Day!*

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Björk and the Swan
I gotta step up my marker game. 

Björk and the Swan

I gotta step up my marker game. 

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Get Pumped

Sorry, I took so long to post something, but personal matters got in the way. In any event, summer is on the horizon, and I’m ready to roll. 

I’m planning for a series of drawings now, so stay tuned folks!

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